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“You cannot fly blind and expect to reach your destination safely”


Too many business owners fly blind and struggle with growing pains. As a fractional CFO, I put the financial headlights on the business and help you navigate the predictable challenges of growing an organization … so that you have more time, more money, and less stress.

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I work with entrepreneurs who need senior financial leadership but just not on a full-time basis. In this role, I fix the financial reporting, construct a robust cash flow model to turn on the financial headlights, and partner with you to make sound business decisions.


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I also help guide entrepreneurs who have strong product and industry knowledge but limited experience building a company. As a business adds customers, employees, product lines and locations, things become complicated. Many growing pains are predictable regardless of industry.

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It’s lonely at the top. Leaders have a lot on their minds – everything from day-to-day problems to big picture strategic issues. I can alleviate some of that weight and add value by acting as a sounding board. It’s often helpful to get a second point of view from a seasoned executive who knows your business.

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Most companies with over 25 employees or more than $3 million in revenue could benefit from working with a fractional CFO. However, there are specific signs that indicate an organization may need senior-level support, such as:

  1. Timely and accurate financial statements are not available

  2. Cash flow visibility is very limited

  3. Funding to grow the business cannot be secured

  4. A business acquisition or significant investment is being considered

  5. The financial implications of major business decisions are not clear

  6. The business has investors or loan covenants

  7. There’s a sense of flying blind and an understanding there’s a better way



I’ve been a CFO for 20+ years now, primarily working for fast-growing organizations often led by first-time entrepreneurs. I quarterbacked the sale of one business to a private equity firm and co-led the financial side of another business in a small IPO. 


I’m typically brought on board to build out the financial infrastructure and partner with the CEO on operational issues and growth initiatives. My industry experience includes business services, construction, technology, financial services, transportation, and software (they all speak the universal language of CASH).


By background I’m a CPA and recovered attorney (member of the GA and FL Bars). Outside of work I enjoy being outdoors and staying active. I regularly swim, run, and hike. Born and raised on the frozen tundra of Wisconsin, I’m a diehard Green Bay Packers fan. I have an MBA in Finance from the University of Wisconsin and a JD from Marquette University.




Contact me if you are interested in exploring a fractional CFO relationship. Perhaps we can meet for a cup of coffee or jump on Zoom. I'll listen to your story and ask about your biggest challenges, the current state of your business, and your plans for the future. You’re welcome to pick my brain and ask me anything you’d like.

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